Client Referrals


We hired Heidi to sell an investment property for us.  It could very well have been a long and complex transaction since there was a tenant in the property, the home was only in marginal condition, and we lived 500 miles away.  We Heidi’s analysis and recommendations, we priced the property properly and soon began seeing offers.  After a few unattractive offers, a serious one came in.  Heidi jumped into action to negotiate counter offers and a very favorable outcome.
The next hurdle was the Inspection Report.  As expected it was not pretty, but once again, Heidi jumped into action to negotiate repairs.  To our shock, we wound up not paying for any repairs!  That was amazing.  The deal closed shortly after.
In the end, I believe that Heidi helped us maximize our net proceeds in a way that others could not have.  She made the entire process far less painful than we expected and the total duration was shorter than expected.  Additionally, we never even traveled to the the property.  I would recommend Heidi to anyone listing a property in las Vegas.
Neil Friedlander